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142XL037 Timing Belt. Neoprene.

142XL037 Timing Belt.
142XL037 Timing Belt.
Item# 142xl037
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About this Item:

142XL037 Timing Belt.
142XL037 Belt. PREMIUM BRAND TIMING BELT. 14.2” Length OC (361mm). 71 teeth. 3/8” (.375 inch) wide. 1/5” (.200”) Tooth Pitch. Replacement “XL Series” Timing Belt. Popular replacement belt for power tools such as belt sanders, water pumps, and robotic equipment.

Replaces OEM Belt:
  • Gear belt for Harbor Freight Belt Sander - Model 38123.
  • Drive belt for Central Machinery Model 38123 - Adjustable Belt Sander.
  • Pump Motor Belt 142XL, 3/8” Wide.
  • Harbor Freight/Central Machinery Tools #38123 Replacement Timing belt. Part/Belt# 43 in owner's manual.
  • Sears/Craftsman Part Number: 814002-3.
  • Belt for Task Force 4" belt and 6" Disk Sander Combo. ITEM # 90183.

  • Accessories

    140XL037 Timing Belt: 3/8" Wide - 1/5" (.200/XL) Pitch, 14" Length
    140XL037 Timing Belt. Specs: 70 Teeth, 14" Pitch Length. Cross Reference with: Browning 140xl 037, Goodyear 140XL037, Grainger 2L564, Grainger 1DHH9, McMaster-Carr 1679K126. Used in Sanders, power tools, robotic equipment, water pumps, machine belt, and vintage game controllers.
    List Price: $5.99
    YOU PAY ONLY: $4.25, 2 for $8.00, 10 for $31.00