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150L050 TIMING BELT. Industrial Grade.
150L050 TIMING BELT. Industrial Grade.
Item# 150L050
List Price: $10.99
YOU PAY ONLY: $6.98, 2 for $13.00
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About this Item:

150L050 TIMING BELT. Industrial Grade.
150L050 Bando Industrial Grade Timing belt. 15" Length, 3/8" (0.375) Inch pitch, 40 teeth. 1/2" Top Width.
150L050 TIMING BELT. Used in woodworking tools, office machines, machine tools, postage equipment, sewing machines, vending machines, agriculture, outdoor power equipment, food processing, HVAC, oil fields, wood, paper, sand and gravel applications.


150L075 Timing Belt
150L075 Industrial Timing Belt HTD. 3/8" Tooth Pitch, 40 Teeth, 15" Length, 3/4" wide.
List Price: $12.99
YOU PAY ONLY: $6.78, 3 for $18.00
150L100 Timing Belt: 1" Wide - 3/8" (.375"/L) Pitch
150L100 TIMING BELT. Industrial grade BANDO Synchro-Link 150L-100. 40 Teeth, 15" Pitch - 1" width.
List Price: $19.99
YOU PAY ONLY: $12.78, 3 for $33.00