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152XL037 Timing belt HTD.

152XL037 Timing belt HTD.
152XL037 Timing belt HTD.
Item# 152xl037
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About this Item:

152XL037 Timing belt HTD.
152XL037 HTD Timing Belt. Industrial Grade. 15.2" Length. 76 teeth. 3/8” (0.37”) wide. Neoprene (black rubber) replacement “152-XL Series” industry standard Timing Belt. Popular replacement belt for electronic equipment and power tools such as power sanders, woodworking tools & lathes, pumps, and robotic equipment.

Replaces OEM Drive Belt:
  • Timing Belt 152XL 037.
  • Toothed Gear Belts marked “152XL” at 3/8” Width.
  • Imported Richeng/Great Wall 152XL-037.
  • 15.2" flat belt for Harbor Frieght/Central Machinery Combo Belt Disc Sander 2622849.

  • Accessories

    152XL050 Timing belt HTD.
    152XL050 HTD Timing Belt. 15.2" Length, 76 teeth, 1/2” Wide. Neoprene HTD 152XL-050 Timing belt 152XL-050. Industrial Grade.
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    YOU PAY ONLY: $5.78, 3 for $15.00