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850-5M-25 Synchronous Belt for Go Karts. Gates PowerGrip HTD.

Gates 850-5M-25 Synchronous Belt.
Gates 850-5M-25 Synchronous Belt.
Item# 8505m25
List Price: $45.99
YOU PAY ONLY: $36.78, 2 for $63.00
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About this Item:

Gates 850-5M-25 Synchronous Belt.
850-5M-25 Gates Synchronous Belt for Go Karts, Power Tools, Industrial Machines and more. Gates PowerGrip HTD Synchronous Belt 850-5M-25.
  • 25mm Wide (0.98" Wide).
  • 5mm Pitch Length, 33.46" Outer Cir. Length.
  • 170 Teeth -- *Round Tooth Profile*.
  • Replaces OEM Belt for AMS Kart Belt 41969.
  • Supersedes Gates 5MR-850-25 Belt.
  • Genuine Gates Product. ID: 92930577.

  • Accessories

    850-S5M-25 (Round, Flat-topped teeth) Bando 250-S5M-850 Part no#. Popular with Indoor/Outdoor Go Karts
    850-S5m-25 Synchronous Kart Drive Belt. 25mm wide - 34 inch length OC, 170 Teeth. (Metric: 25mm W x 850mm L) - Designed for Heavy Duty Industrial applications.
    List Price: $49.99
    YOU PAY ONLY: $43.88, 2 for $80.00
    850-5M-25 HTD Synchronous Timing belt. CONSUMER BRAND.
    850-5M-25 HTD Timing belt. CONSUMER BRAND. 5mm Pitch X 850mm Length OC X 25mm Width. 8505M25 (HTD/GT) Timing belt.
    List Price: $28.99
    YOU PAY ONLY: $17.78, 2 for $30.00